Traditional Gold Jewellery: Understand the Difference Between Polki and Kundan Jewellery Design


On the special occasion of marriage, every bride wants to look special and beautiful. To enhance her quintessential bridal look, various beautifully intricated jewellery designs are present in the market. Unlike in the ancient days, both bride and groom have various options of jewellery designs and attires. Many of them love to match their attire to show their love towards each other. 

The stunningly looking Kundan and Polki designs are gaining so much popularity these days. This traditional gold jewellery looks amazingly beautiful when worn by the bride along with other accessories. As both the jewellery designs look quite similar to each other, many people get confused and are not able to distinguish between both designs. If you want to invest in Polki and Kundan jewellery for your bridal look, you must know the difference between both. 

Let us understand more about the traditional gold jewellery designs adorned with Polki and Kundan work.

Polki Jewellery Designs 

Polkis are the natural unfinished diamonds used in their pure and raw form to create beautifully designed jewellery pieces. These diamonds are chemically treated and polished with rustic colors that make them look like shiny diamonds. Gold foils are used to create jewellery designs in which uncut diamonds are intricated to enhance their beauty. Polki jewellery designs have old charm and when adorned with bright stones, they look richer and more ethnic. For a bridal collection, it is the best suitable option that is passed from one generation to another.  

Kundan Jewellery Designs

The Kundan jewellery is the most famous artwork in Rajasthan made using glass stones. The most common difference between Kundan and Polki jewellery is no diamonds are used in making Kundan designs. To make beautiful Kundan jewellery pieces, the glass stones are intricated in gold and silver. With the detailed work at the back, the jewellery designs look so gorgeous and hence become the favorite choice of every bride. 

As Kundan designs are made of glass stones and not diamonds, the jewellery becomes less expensive as compared to the Polki work. 

What is Jadau Jewellery?

As there is not much information about Jadau, many people have is a delusion that jadau is one of the types of jewellery made of stones but this is not true. It is a traditional technique that is used to create beautiful Polki and Kundan designs. The manufacturing process of both Polki and Kundan is the same and that procedure is known as Jadau. Both the products are used with 24-carat gold but the end product is different because of the stones used in making the piece of jewellery. 

Hence, if you want an ethnic bridal look and looking for a traditional gold jewellery collection, Kundan and Polki jewellery designs are the best choices for the bride. Depending on the budget, you can select the best work that goes with your attire. Polki designs are intricated with beautiful colors that can be worn by matching with the stunning-looking lehenga of the bride. 

Wearing Polki or Kundan jewellery designs will make you look like princes on your special day.  


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