Must-Have Men’s Footwear In Your Wardrobe

No outfit is complete without proper footwear. Men’s footwear can either complement your overall look or throw it off completely, so you must pair the right footwear with the right outfits. Well, to all men, it’s time to upgrade your shoe game! From sneakers to men’s slip-on sneakers, oxford shoes to sliders, the following are a few footwear that every man must own to give his style an oomph. From following daily errands to attending a party, we have listed down selective stylish must-haves every man should have in his wardrobe.


Unlike other dress shoes, the brogue shoes were meant to be more functional than how they are styled nowadays. Originally the holes and gaps in brogues were there to help the Irish drain water after crossing muddy bogs and swamps. However, now the brogue is styled differently.

Pair dark brown brogues with formal wear during festivities and other occasions. Go for lighter brogues for casual days. Black-coloured brogues work best with a suit. Also, remember when you buy brogues, the more broguing on the shoe, the less formal it is.

Oxford Shoes

A closed lacing system is what often characterises Oxford Shoes. Initially, these shoes were made of leather, but over the years, Oxford shoes became available in a broad range of fabrics and detailing. Oxford shoes are commonly worn for formal events however you can also style a different colour for casual events like a pair in tan or brown. 

Leather Boots

A pair of leather boots is a must-have for men’s footwear. For a casual look, you can opt for ankle-high, black, or dark brown boots and cuff your pants to show an edgy side. If you want to give a conservative look, pull your trousers over the top of the leather boots. Always invest in a good quality pair of leather boots so that they last you years.


Sneakers are the most comfortable yet stylish must-have shoes for men. However, you may find that running sneakers usually focus on comfort rather than look. But to stand out, choose a style with minimal branding. For example, you can wear bright-coloured sneakers if you want a statement street look.

However, the white sneakers mix into jeans and jacket combinations, instantly giving you a more fabulous look. Although, make sure that you keep these white babies squeaky clean, as nothing is more off-putting than the dirty ones. 

The Sliders

Well, the sliders top the above list as there is nothing better to take the spot on the list of holiday shoes. You may find those flip-flops on the clumsy side, or if you want to give a unique look, go for sliders. This footwear is easy to wear and keeps your feet relaxed and breathable with a better sense of decorum.


Loafers are now a streamlined shoe style in common and lace-free patterns. A pair of loafers will be like your best buddy for the summer months. A pair of brown loafers will work for both casual and formal looks. A pair in beige or skin-tanned will be the perfect match for all neutrals. You can also experiment with colours like navy which goes well with tones of white, beige and green. 

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