How to Style Jumpsuits for Women

Jumpsuits are an easy one-step outfit, but they can create a fashion disaster if not styled properly. Additionally, your one jumpsuit can come in handy for most occasions with the right tweaks and twists. Hence, styling a jumpsuit flawlessly is a must and also beneficial. 

Below are five trendy yet practical ways to don a jumpsuit. 

Layer it up 

You can layer your jumpsuit subjective to the place you need to be at. Even a casual jumpsuit can be turned formal. Here’s how – Get a smouldering look with a blazer, pair it with classy heeled footwear, and you’re set to go to the office. 

Denim jackets are also a fun way to add some style and roll out in your jumpsuit. Moreover, adding a denim layer makes jumpsuits further versatile to step out in. Apart from denim jackets and blazers, there are shrugs, trench coats, and other jacket types you can layer on. 

Partner it with a Top

If your jumpsuits are sleeveless or have a tube pattern, you can wear a top underneath to add some definition. This is also a perfect hack for when your underarms have not been waxed. For your tube jumpsuits, wear a puffed balloon sleeves top or even a full sleeves bishop top. Whereas, if it is a sleeveless jumpsuit, go for a basic round neck top. 

Well, it is not necessary that you have to wear the top underneath the jumpsuit. You can also wear it over the jumpsuit. A baggy tee tied with a knot at the waist is one way you can fashion a top above the jumpsuit. Even when your jumpsuits have full sleeves, you can layer them above them with bralettes or corset tops. 

Define your waist

If you want to define your waist and show off your physique, you must add a belt to the jumpsuit. Chunky belts are a favourite kind, and they elevate the look altogether. However, minimal belts are also a popular choice and look simple yet elegant. Another great way to define the waist is by tying a shirt or a jacket around. 

Accessorise it 

Apart from belts, there are various ways in which you can add an edge to the jumpsuits. A bag is one of the best ways. Furthermore, a neckpiece also accentuates the look, and it would look perfect with an off-shoulder jumpsuit. You can also opt for bold earrings if you are not a fan of neck jewellery. But be careful; you don’t want to clutter your look. 

Break the Colour 

Jumpsuits being one-piece womenswear, are often in a single solid colour. Even when they’re in prints, they have a single sync to it. Hence, you must break that sync to add some dynamic to it. Those mentioned above will help you do this. You can also do it by wearing bold footwear or with bags. 

Jumpsuits for women are a blessing, and they are never leaving her side. Comfy, stylish and easy, an all-in-one outfit. Shop the rendiest of the lot, only from VERO MODA!


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