Know More About Your Industrial Circular Connectors

In various electronic equipment, different types of connectors are used to carry data signals and transmit power. They are designed in a way so that the multipin feature in these connectors made them easily installed and uninstalled whenever required. In these years, circular connectors have gained so much popularity because of their compact and adjustable design as compared to rectangular connectors. But all the applications have their specifications and requirements. Let us check out how circular connectors fit their requirements. 

Circular Power Connectors

These are the most efficient connector types that make the disconnection and reconnection of power cables much easier for the device.  At the time of altering power supply, power cables mostly get damaged because of their hard wirings. Also, many times while altering the power supply, it requires extensive services which is very time taking. To find a speedy and compact solution to these problems, circular power connectors were developed. 

The circular power connectors are used in various applications depending on various environmental situations and the requirements of the current supply. Some of the areas where these connector types can be used are medical equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles, etc. 

The circular power connectors are usually made of plastic or metal material and sometimes both of them are used. To make the connectors water or dustproof, rubber is used. 

The best property of the circular connectors is they can box a huge number of contacts into a comparatively compact size. For example, when 8 contacts are organized in a circular connector, they become more compact as compared to when they are organized in a rectangular or straight row layout. But in the case of the high number of pin requirements, rectangular connectors are more preferred over the circular ones. 

While selecting circular power connectors, always consider international power standards like IP and MIL-Spec. These standards help in identifying the various properties of connectors including their protection against harsh environmental conditions, water, dust, etc.

M12 Connectors

M12 is most commonly used in industrial automation applications. This small device traveled a very long journey from parallel wiring systems to connecting machinery and became the most secured form of distributed control. 

In various industrial settings, the screw lock and bayonet style of the M12 connector has become an industry standard now.

Extreme Environmental Conditions

The circular connectors are designed to use in industrial equipment that works in various harsh environmental conditions like water contaminations, dirt, extreme temperature variations, vibrations, unwanted signals, and much more. Many types of equipment face disturbance in the data and signal transmission because of the extreme conditions. Hence, the connectors are shielded with EMI/RFI to stay strong in these conditions. 

Brass and aluminum are considered the best suitable material to make these connectors so that they can withstand any kind of environmental situation. The ones that are used in the watery environment are mostly made of composite plastics. To enhance the conductivity, copper alloy conductors are used while sometimes integrated gold is used as well. 

Always check the durability of the connectors, especially for the ones that require frequent locking and unlocking.  


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