Henceforth BBQs 2u Will Represent Kamadeo Joe in the UK

BBQs 2u has got lots of love from the UK resident for serving them delicious barbeque foods for all these years and has now become a popular household name. People of the UK love to come with their family and friends to taste delicious grilled meat and chicken prepared by BBQs 2u.

Now BBQs 2u, which is a family business wants to expand its business and hence decided to represent the famous Kamado Joe company products who is famous all over the world for their grills and ovens.

As BBQs 2u has the experience of serving barbeque meals and hence the decision to represent oven and grill makers is a remarkable decision. Kamado Joe Classic 2 Bundle will be available both online as well as in their stores.

Kamado Joe Classic – 2 model

Those who are aware of Kamado grills and ovens must know that these ovens use an ancient and Asian-style grilling method in their ovens. It has a thick-walled cooker, which can offer rich and smoky flavours to all their fish, meat, and vegetables cooked in these ovens.

The cooking that followed for centuries remains relatively unchanged, the air will flow through the ceramic body of these grills and the smoke will come out from its vented dome, and the charcoal chunks put inside will come back to life and produce the necessary heat and smoke.

Kamado Joe is very proud that they are able to maintain the same tradition, in their modern classic style of grill having unparalleled craftsmanship, along with innovative accessories as well as a range of quite flexible cooking surfaces.

Kamado Joe Classic III model

Another model Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle, which is one of the latest models from Kamado Joe, is a very advanced and also a very hot product on the market. This model will include a premium cart that will also have improved side shelves.

Together with that, there is the latest awesome innovation that has hit the world of Kamado which is the revolutionary insert of Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber. This new addition will be able to totally transform the food’s flavour and people will get a new taste of their foods.

Beware of the false propaganda of a few websites that they are offering a few accessories as a free gift. On the contrary, these accessories are part of the regular ovens that any customer will get when they will buy this model. There is nothing new that these websites are offering to their customers.

This false propaganda is only meant for increasing their sales and nothing else. BBQs 2u is now an authorised dealer of these products in the UK and they will offer all the necessary customer service and support that is offered by the manufacturer.

BBQs 2u will also provide all the necessary warranty services and people of the UK can trust the services of their old favourite company whom they loved so much.

Kamado Joe products are also getting lots of mention in various social networks too. Plenty of footage can be seen on YouTube and also on many other websites.


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