What are the varieties of paan?

Serving paan after meals is one of the most traditional cultures. Nowadays you can find paan at every occasion of celebration. The culture of paan is being followed for the reason of digestion. Studies say that betel leaves used in paan helps in blood purification. In recent days paan has been popular among every kid and youngster because of its taste and feel. To make this tradition more tempting, lots of varieties are available in paan. A list of the popular and tempting paan can be seen on this page.

Saada paan

Saada paan is the most adorable paan of kids. They can eat even four to five paans continuously. The paan is specially made up of sweet gems. In this particular type of paan, you can never find supari. It was a plain paan with sweetness overloaded. This variety of pan is folded in a triangle shape and garnished with a sweet cherry.

Paan masala

Paan masala is stuffed with lots of supari and saffron, especially for youngsters. You can also feel the sweetness that gives an amazing taste. The tasting includes rajnigandha pan masala ingredients, which gives an exotic flavour. The fillings also include berries and cherries. To make the occupations more special, sometimes they also infuse the taste of honey and rajnigandha gutkha to it.

Chocolate paan

In this special chocolate paan, two betel leaves are used to bring the size of the paan. It is stuffed with cherries, cashew and saffron. After the stuffing, the paan is completely dipped in chocolate syrup, and choco chips are drizzled around. This brings the tempting appearance and out of world taste to the paan.

Chocolate with sweet caramel paan

The chocolate caramel paan is stuffed with berries, saffron and walnut with caramel. Caramel brings super consistency to the stuff. After this, the betel leaf is being professionally folded and dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate with sweet coffee paan

This variety of paan is too yum and is highly preferred by girls. The combination of sugar and coffee in paan is more refreshing. This paan is heavily stuffed with saunf, supari and cherries. Usually, it takes lots of time to prepare this paan. Choco coffee paan looks like fortune cookies dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate crunchy sweet paan

The crunchiness of cholate makes it most adorable for kids. This paan is full of cholate scrub and chocolate chips that enhance the taste of paan. The outer covered layer of paan is crunchy. It appears like a shell of betel leaf. It gives the experience of eating a choco bar ice cream.

Chocolate with mint sweet paan

This particular variety of paan is more effective for the digestive process. It has lots of fruit and nuts stuffed with the amazing touch of mint flavour. The outer layer of this paan is covered with brownie chocolate scurb that makes the flavour of mint more tempting.

Choco nuts sweet paan.

Nuts, sweet paan is done with three nuts, namely, cashew, groundnut and walnut. The stuff of this pan is made with nuts crushed with chocolate. The outer of this paan is dripped with a little caramel.

End line:

All the above varieties of paan are served chill. You can get the ingredient of paan and try this at your home.


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