What to Study for CBSE Maths Examinations

Math is not difficult if you properly understand the concepts; The subject is about comprehending rather than memorizing. You are most likely misguided if you think that knowing formulae can help you prepare for your CBSE Mathematics test and help you succeed in board exams.

When it comes to Mathematics, practice is all you need. Here we’ve compiled a list of topics to study for the CBSE Math examinations


This unit is divided into four chapters:

Chapter: Polynomials

The mathematical meaning of a polynomial’s zeros. The relationship between zeros and polynomial factors, the technique for dividing polynomials, followed by exercises and completed examples to aid comprehension.

After finishing the NCERT exercises and examples, practice the Class 10 Maths Chapter 2 Polynomials MCQs to self-evaluate your learning and work on the drawbacks

Chapter: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables (15 periods)

This section discusses algebraic strategies for solving a pair of linear equations, the elimination method, the substitution approach, the cross-multiplication technique, and coefficient factors to a pair of variables in a linear system of equations.

Chapter: Quadratic Equations

From the exam point of view, the Quadratic Equations portion is a critical and high-priority topic, and obtaining as well as answering the problems is relatively basic.

Chapter: Arithmetic Progressions

The majority of the activities in this chapter revolve around a single formula, with the rest being derivations of it. Each topic is preceded by a series of challenges and exercises designed to improve understanding. After solving the NCERT exercises check out the class 10 maths MCQs to get well acquainted with different question typologies.


This unit is divided into three chapters:

Chapter: Triangles

Following the introduction of triangles, there are further disciplines with equivalent figures. Triangle similarity, triangle similarity criterion, surfaces of similar triangles, and the Pythagorean theorem.

Chapter: Circles

Beginning with an introduction to circles, this chapter discusses tangents to a circle and numerous tangents from a point on a circle, among other important topics.

Chapter: Constructions

This section has more practical difficulties than theoretical definitions. Beginning with an overview of the building’s tools, etc. Line segment division and the creation of tangents to circles are examples of topics covered.


This unit is divided into two chapters:

Chapter: Introduction to Trigonometry

This chapter begins with a broad description of trigonometric ratios, trigonometric proportions of specific angles, trigonometric ratios of complementing angles, and so on.

Chapter: Applications of Trigonometry

This part builds on the previous one by exploring the numerous projected applications with examples and exercises for clarity. This chapter summarizes all of the major and regularly used equations used to solve problems.

Statistics and Probability

This unit is divided into two chapters:

Chapter: Statistics

This chapter begins with an introduction and then delves into subjects such as the mean and mode of categorical variables. With exercises, the median of aggregated graphical representations of continuous frequency tables is discussed in detail.

Chapter: Probability

This article begins with an explanation of probability and then moves on to an important topic known as A theoretical technique.

Practicing the NCERT textbook and topics above for CBSE exams will surely help you to prep for the exam and cover the entire syllabus thoroughly.


Q.1: How long do top CBSE students study?

Toppers’ study hours may vary depending on their ability and intellectual mastery of the chapters. Paying attention in class and doing frequent revisions are key to getting excellent grades.

Q.2: Is it possible to prepare for the CBSE 10th Maths board examinations in one month?

Yes, you can study for the boards in one month. Check out the Maths preparation tips, and important topics and follow a study plan that focuses on each topic.

Q3: Is RD Sharma suitable for the CBSE Class 10 Exam?

The mathematics textbook “RD Sharma” is one of the most popular tenth-grade textbooks. When it comes to CBSE Class 10 Maths, RD Sharma is the ultimate solution.

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