What is a Traffic Management Plan and Why Do You Need One?

A traffic management plan, also called TMP in short, is proper and elaborate documentation of all the instructions and information that should be carried out during road construction, maintenance, or road closures due to specific events. These instructions are given to pedestrians, road users, and road workers to minimize the risks of accidents and maximize road safety while everyone works in tandem. The local transport authority and police department must approve a traffic management plan.

A traffic management plan is also required for private construction works at times when a particular construction vehicle is needed for a long time at the private construction site. Many transport authorities require traffic management plans for even normal road closures or for any event that hinders normal road operations.

Why do you need a traffic management plan?

Unless the work is an emergency, if the project stops the normal flow of traffic or blocks the road, you would need an approved traffic management plan from the local transport authority. This approval would be passed based on the resources you provide. However, most authorities suggest that you should also take consent from the local road authorities for better and smoother approval alongside matching the requirements.

On the other hand, emergency works are mandatory and should be done at the earliest without the need for a long documentation procedure of a traffic management plan. This is to ensure that all road users are safe and that no accidents or deaths happen. Some emergencies include damaged water lines, gas leaks, telecommunication line disruption, electric line faults, and many more.

What is covered in a traffic management plan?

A traffic management plan differs from project to project. It usually covers the site map, design, implementation methods, maintenance terms, and the work zone or road corridor’s TTM (Temporary Traffic Management) scheme. 

It explains how road users, including pedestrians, would be redirected to an alternative route whereby they do not disrupt the construction work and are safe from the work. This ensures safety and security of both the road users and the workers in the work zone. 

All traffic management plans must contain the work’s credentials, like the work’s date and location, the contractor undertaking the work, the methods followed, speed limit information, traffic management diagrams, and necessary contact details.

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