What To Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney

No one wants to file for bankruptcy, but if you find yourself in a financial bind and you have exhausted all other options, you may find yourself considering this option. Although you could pursue bankruptcy on your own, and you may be successful, you are better off working with a successful bankruptcy lawyer. Therefore, these are things you should look for in a bankruptcy attorney.


Your attorney should have extensive experience in the law. Look for someone who has practiced locally and understands how the court system and judges work in your area. For example, you may search for “Maryland bankruptcy attorneys” because the laws in Maryland may differ from those in other states.

You also want to hire someone who specializes in bankruptcy law. Therefore, ask your prospects how long they have practiced this type of law and how much of their caseload involves bankruptcies. Look for someone with at least five years of solid specialized practice. Also, choose someone whose caseload is mostly bankruptcies. However, be sure to choose a lawyer who focuses on the specifics of your case versus placing you in an assembly line-type process.

Open Communication

Next, you should discuss the attorneys’ communication strategies. You need someone who will regularly update you on the progress of your case. Find someone who will take your calls when things come up or when you are unsure about something in your case You should also ask about the attorneys’ preferred methods of communication and how often you should expect to be updated.

Kindness and Respect

Pay attention to how you are treated during your complimentary case review. You need to feel comfortable with your lawyers and their staff members so that you are more open about the case. Do they treat you with kindness and respect? Choose a firm and attorney you are comfortable with.

Avoid choosing a bankruptcy lawyer based solely on price. Instead, do your research and find the best for your case. 


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