What is the importance of ROHS compliance?

ROHS stands for Reduction of Hazardous Substances and is legislation introduced by the European Union to reduce the impact of harmful and dangerous substances on the environment and people. The objective behind ROHS was to minimize the harmful effects of electronics on human beings and the environment by introducing safer manufacturing of electronic items at all stages of the product life cycle. All electronics manufacturers should comply with ROHS regulations as using non-ROHS appliances is now a legal matter. However, people continue to manufacture and use it. But, let us know why it is important to comply with Enviropass RoHS REACH:

Reduces chances of heavy metal poisoning

Most of the e-waste is transported to third-world countries and the workers in the factories are prone to heavy metal poisoning such as lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, etc. With ROHS compliance, the use of lead reduces thereby reducing the instances of heavy metal poisoning to the workers.

Product Reliability

With the increasing technology and urge to use safe appliances, users are now looking for companies that offer electronic devices that cause the least harm and are safe for their homes. Moreover, most companies have complied with ROHS as it increases product reliability.

Larger Customer Base

It is natural that if you offer safe products to your customers, they will rely on you for other electronic appliances when in need. Also, with a good brand image, the existing customers will advertise your brand, and thus, you’ll attract a wider customer base due to word of mouth. It will help you establish a positive brand image and give you a competitive advantage over other brands that have failed to comply with ROHS.

Contribute towards a sustainable future

Global warming is increasing and due to the introduction of enormous factors such as more vehicles, electronic appliances, etc, the environment is suffering. Technology is providing you with facilities, however, it is taking away the environment’s health. Thus, complying with ROHS will help you contribute towards a sustainable future.

Every year many electronic appliances are discarded and collected in large landfills. As a result, most landfills are overloaded with hazardous waste that causes severe heavy metal poisoning. Although some of this e-waste is recycled, the recycling process also exposes workers to lead and mercury, ultimately resulting in a deadly impact. But, if companies and manufacturers comply with the ROHS guideline they can reduce these harmful effects of electronics on nature as well as people and make the environment safe for the upcoming generations.


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