Ways Brands Leverage Social Media Analytics for Businesses


Many companies are using social media analytics to help them make marketing decisions. They can better understand what people think about their product or service and how they use it in their day-to-day lives with the right insights. This information will give marketers a deeper understanding of who their customers are and what content will resonate with them. In this blog post, we’ll explore just a few ways that social media analysis is being used for marketing purposes by some big brands.

Brand reputation management- In the past, if a company had a problem with their product or service, it was difficult to get in touch with affected people. Many of these companies have customer-friendly social media pages, they can quickly and easily make sure all questions are answered and any complaints are addressed promptly. social media analytics tools allow them to track what is being said about their brand online, knowing when something needs to be fixed right away before things escalate.

Brand positioning- This involves understanding how your customers use your products in relation to similar brands out there on the market today. For example, maybe you run an outdoor clothing retailer, but most of your customers wear your items while skiing or hiking rather than just walking around town like they do at other stores. With social media insights like these, you can focus your marketing efforts on your customers’ lifestyle choices rather than those at a more general level.

Brand loyalty- Once people have fallen in love with a product or service, they often become loyal to it for life. Brands releasing new products and services might wish to use social monitoring tools as a prelaunch strategy that allows them to measure how positive expectations are before an item is even released into the marketplace. So they know if there’s any work that needs doing beforehand. Customers who feel confident about what’s being offered will be much happier with their purchase later down the line, which can result in higher levels of customer retention over time and less risk-taking when it comes to launching new products.

Customer experience- If you are a company that uses social media for customer service, listening to people’s feedback is important so you know if there’s anything more you can do to improve the overall user experience. Social monitoring tools will allow your team members to quickly see what issues customers have been experiencing and take steps towards resolving them and offer suggestions where appropriate on how they might be able to save time or money in the future by using different services or going with a different product altogether.

Social content creation- The better brands understand their target audience, the easier it becomes to generate original content that resonates with this group of people rather than simply rehashing information from other sources. Tools like Hootsuite make it easy to create social media content that will target different user personas, whether teenagers or millennials. They can also be used for creating branded multimedia content that you can share across multiple platforms at once without having to switch between them all the time.

Social visibility- Social intelligence tools allow marketers to keep track of social media analytics knowing who’s talking about their brand online. Hence, they know if there is anyone influential in particular with a large audience that might want to promote what your company does through word of mouth marketing, resulting in increased exposure and potentially more sales as well!

Customer research- There are lots of opportunities out there these days where people have an instant conversation about brands on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., meaning businesses now have access to real-time social media analytics with feedback that they can use to make better decisions about what products or services are likely to be more successful.

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