How You Can Help a Family Member Who Has Been Arrested

If someone you love was arrested, you may feel scared, worried about their future, and unsure of what you can do to help. Learn what basic steps you can take to help them navigate through this difficult time as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Get as Much Information as Possible

Before doing anything else, make sure you are getting as much information about their arrest as you can. Find out if your loved one was charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or both. It is possible to be charged with multiple counts and different types of felonies and misdemeanors, depending on the situation. 

Sometimes it is possible to check court records online so you can find out what someone has been charged with. This might be easier than trying to talk to your loved one on the phone and attempting to get all the necessary information out. 

Help Them Get Out of Jail

Once you know what your loved one has been charged with, it is usually possible to help them get out of jail. You can either pay a percentage of the bond upfront out of your own money, or you can use a service like Wayne County bail bonds. This allows them to get out of jail and work on their next course of action. 

Encourage Them To Attend All Court Dates 

It is very important that your loved one attends all their court dates. If they do not, they could easily be sent back to jail for not keeping their agreement of being out and bonded. If you paid their bond, you could lose any money should they decide not to go to court. 

Helping a loved one through criminal charges can be difficult, but it is possible to work through. Knowing what is going on and keeping in close contact with them are both key points when dealing with this matter. 


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