How to Spot Fake Adidas Yecheil?

Whether you are a sneaker enthusiast or not, the last thing you want to end up with is fake Adidas Yecheil. And since we all know that branded, limited edition Adidas can cost a lot, it makes no sense to spend the money on the shoes only to be disappointed later.

So, to help you distinguish between fake and real Adidas Yecheil, we are jotting this blog with some signs to look out for. Let’s check what they are:

#1 Analyze the barcode

Usually, when fake manufacturers try replicating the shoes, they are focused more on the shoe’s design. Here means they end up overlooking tiny elements like the barcode. So, you can use the barcode to check the authenticity of the sneakers. Just ensure that you use a legit check app to scan the barcode.

#2 Check the size of the tag

Another thing you can do is inspect the details on the size tag. Every colorway released from Yeezy has a unique set of inconsistencies and misprints. So, Yeezy Yecheil Reflective and Non-Reflective may not have similar outcomes for specific colorways. If the sizes are kind of off or unrealistic, these sneakers might not be the accurate versions.

#3 Check the box label

The next thing you can inspect is the box label. The box label contains two important confirmation points that must look for – the country size and the serial number.

Keep in mind that the Yeezy-Adidas collaboration launches its sneakers in two international and US versions. So, check for the serial number below the barcode. For example, a Fake US version serial number ends with V10, while an authentic one ends with V03 or V02.

#4 Check the lacing style

In the lacing style, you will notice that the right lace usually goes under first from the bottom. But, on the counterfeit one, the lace goes over. But again, lace pattern correct or incorrect lace patterns don’t necessarily tell about the shoe’s authenticity. It is because fake manufacturers can replicate this trick, too.

#5 Inspect the boost sole of your shoe

You can check the shoe’s sole to discover if you have a fake or authentic piece on your hand or not. For example, the boost sole on the bottom of your sneaker has a more curvature or bubbly structure. But, the fake one features a more hard-edge connector.

Similarly, the stripped circles are more defined in the authentic Adidas Yecheil.

#7 Check the middle stitching

The last thing you can do is check the middle stitching. The middle stitch on fake sneakers is less structured and has thinner threads than the wider middle stitching of a genuine pair.

Bottom line

There you have it. These are some easy ways of determining if you have real or fake Adidas Yecheil on your hands or not. Also, one easy way to stay away from being cautious is purchasing from genuine sellers like HYB.


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