Home Projects You Should Never DIY

The DIY trend on home improvement and repairs could actually get you into serious trouble or cause significant damage or injury. Though doing things yourself seems to save money, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will cost more to bring in the professionals to fix your mess. Paying medical bills for an accident also ruins your “saving money” rationale for a DIY approach. Here are some things you shouldn’t try on your own.

Electrical Repairs

For most electrical issues, it’s best to consult a licensed electrician. Not only is there is a personal safety risk, but there is an increased risk of fire damage to the home. Changing one light fixture for another is generally the limit for a majority of homeowners.

Roofing Issues

Homeowners are better off calling a roofing contractor Fenton MO residents recommend when leaks or other damage need to be repaired. There is a concern with safety traversing a rooftop, but another concern is that the wrong materials will be used in the fix. This can just lead to greater damage down the road and more expensive repair costs.

Plumbing Needs

Changing out a toilet or replacing a washer in a faucet are pretty easy tasks for most homeowners but relocating or installing new plumbing features shouldn’t be attempted. The range of material used to pipe your house is just the first of many complex plumbing elements that can impact the success of DIY repairs.

Demolition and Relocation

If you want an open floor plan, bring in a contractor to tear down and move the walls. Your DIY efforts may jeopardize the home’s structural integrity and create conditions that are unsafe.

Whenever you are considering repairs or improvements, get a quote from a licensed professional before doing it on your own. Saving money shouldn’t be prioritized over personal safety and the longevity of the changes or repairs.


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