Why You Shouldn’t Post Bail On Your Own

Could I Need a Bail Bond Agent Someday?

The quick answer to that question is yes, there is always the possibility of needing a bail bond agent at some point in your life. It may not be for you, but it could be to help someone that you love or someone that you know.

What is a bail bondsman? 

When someone is arrested, they have the chance to post bail, which means that they pay a certain amount to the court in exchange for getting out of jail until their court date. It’s like a contract that gives the accused their freedom, as long as they promise to appear in court.

How much is bail?

The state government regulates the bail fee; however, this amount can vary based on different factors such as residency, type of crime, and the accused’s criminal history. For example, bail bonds Potter County PA will be different than bail in another state.

Generally, misdemeanors bails, such as a simple assault, are much lower than for more severe crimes, like aggravated assault or drug crimes, among others. The more severe the crime, the larger the bail amount is.

Bondsman Service

No one wants to spend the night (or two or even weeks) in jail. But sometimes, the accused person doesn’t have enough money to post bail on their own. So, commonly, people ask their family members and friends to post bail for them. However, this is a risky situation for anyone to put themselves in.

There are bail bond companies that offer to pay bail on behalf of the accused in exchange for an agreement that the accused will appear in court. If the accused appears, the money is returned to the bail bondsman, and the accused party pays them a commission fee. They may not get their money back, which is a considerable risk for the bail bondsman to take. 

However, in some states, the failure to appear in court will automatically result in a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. If the bail bondsman can bring the accused to the police and receive their money back. Many bail bond companies have trained professionals that do this.

Avoiding Problems

The best way to avoid problems with the court and any bail bond companies is to make sure that the accused always shows up in court. And, before you put your personal money or assets on the line to help someone post bail, you should look into bail bond services. It is likely worth paying the fee and avoiding the risk of losing your money and possessions used as collateral.


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