Vape Coil Materials

In addition to the type of e-liquid you choose, the คอยล์บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า material you select can have an effect on your vaping experience. Some materials ramp up faster than others, while others favor textured surface areas or even combine both for different effects.

Kanthal and stainless steel coils are two of the most common and well-known types. You may see these in sub-ohm tanks or pre-wrapped RDAs.

  • Kanthal

Kanthal is a common vape coil material composed of ferritic iron-chromium-aluminum alloy that can withstand high temperatures. Additionally, its long lifespan gives you the benefit of using your coils for extended periods before needing replacement.

Kanthal wire is ideal for temperature control mods since its electrical resistance remains consistent when heated. This makes it a great option for wattage-based vaping since your device doesn’t need to constantly read your coil’s resistance as you inhale.

  • Nichrome

Nichrome is an alloy composed of nickel and chromium that retains its shape well and heats up rapidly. As such, it has become a go-to wire for many vapers due to its ease of use and long durability.

Nichrome is compatible with both wattage mode and temperature control mode (TC). It is considered one of the safest wire types for electronic cigarette use, though it cannot be used when creating custom atomizers and RTAs.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a chromium, nickel, and carbon alloy that’s the only vape coil material capable of supporting both wattage mode and temperature control (if your mod supports it). Medical grade 316L Stainless Steel has become highly sought-after among vapers as their go-to wire of choice.

Stainless steel exhibits consistent resistance to temperature changes. This makes it the safest choice when controlling temperature settings. While more expensive than other materials, stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular due to its consistent resistance.

  • Tea Fibre Cotton

Cotton has long been the go-to material for electronic cigarette coils. It works great in all kinds of vape products, from sub-ohm tanks to RTAs.

Today, many manufacturers are exploring new materials for their coils and trying out different wicking methods to get the most from their devices. One such material is Tea Fibre Cotton.

This cotton is made with a special blend of US-grown cotton fibers that’s ideal for wicking mesh coils. It comes in strips so you can quickly wick your coils, plus it has an aglet, so it can be wrapped around the coil with ease.


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