The Different Types of Boats Available

Whether you’re a novice boater still learning basic boat vocabulary or an old salt who keeps up with the newest boat design trends, you’re undoubtedly aware that selecting the best boat for you and your family is difficult. Different types of boats may be divided into hundreds of classes, but we have condensed the most common choices of boats for sale.


Bowriders are one of the most popular forms of watercraft. You may use them for everything from day trips to water skiing. While bowriders were formerly limited in size and scope, we’ve recently witnessed a drive towards larger and larger versions, frequently with amenities ranging from enclosed heads to full-fledged cabins. The Four Winns H440 is the most extreme example, a massive boat with a bow cockpit reached by going through a saloon with amenities such as a full galley and a sofa. The Sea Ray SLX-R 400e is another huge bowrider that has lately entered the market.


This category includes a wide variety of designs and sizes. In its most basic form, a cruiser is any powerboat with overnight berths, a galley, and enough range to transport you to new and distant locations. They typically have pretty rapid cruising speeds (otherwise, they’d be classified as trawlers) and can range in size from 30′ or so to 100′ mega-yachts. The majority are powered by inboards, stern drives, or pod drives, while there are a few outboard-powered cruisers.

Pontoon Boats

You’ll undoubtedly see a lot of pontoon boats whether you’re on a lake in Arizona or a bay on the Atlantic Coast. Instead of a fibreglass hull, these boats are supported by two or three aluminium “logs” that float on the water. They were once sluggish and pokey, quite unsightly, and not very seaworthy, but these are all issues of the past. Instead, pontoon boats may now be fast, sleek, and unexpectedly pleasant to ride on.


The name “runabout” is basically a catch-all for everything from bowriders to ski-and-fish combos to mini speed boats. However, they all have one thing in common: they’re small, open boats designed for day usage in good weather. While its exposed aspect may be considered a disadvantage by some boaters, it should also be considered an advantage—you don’t purchase a boat to escape the sun and spray, do you?


Prepare to rumble, speed addicts. When you’re on a boat, fast speeds are pretty terrifying. Speed boats indeed make a lot of compromises to get every available MPH. Cabins are tiny and empty of frills to keep weight down. Though they’re typically reasonably loud, and seating capacity is restricted. There’s just no replacement for a proper thrill trip.



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