The Best Doormats For Your Home

The best floor mats will keep your floors clean by removing dirt and debris from your home before pets or visitors enter. They absorb water to reduce the risk of slips and falls during wet weather. You can use doormats indoors or outdoors. The most stylish and inviting welcome mats will make a lasting impression. This guide will highlight the various types of doormat materials, their features, maintenance tips, and placement advice.

Doormat Materials

There are many types of entryway mats. Many materials can be used to make them, including wood, natural fibers such as coir, rubber, and synthetics. Many doormats can be used outside, while some can also be used inside. There are many options for doormats. Some doormats can withstand stains, while others cannot.

Doormat Features

Doormats that are the best have at least three great features. A good doormat will:

  • You can withstand heavy foot traffic and severe weather.
  • Capture and channel water away from debris
  • Easy to clean and mildew resistant
  • Use a non-slip backing, whether it is synthetic or natural rubber.

Rubber Doormats

Rubber doormats can be weatherproofed and waterproof and are durable and easy to clean. Make sure the surface is smooth enough to grip boots and shoes. Rubber mats are heavy-duty and provide cushion underfoot. They trap dirt, debris, and grass as well as mud. They can also deteriorate if exposed to harsh environments. For example waterhog mats

Coir Doormats

Coir Doormats have thick piles made of coconut fibers. This makes it easier to scrape dirt, grass, and mud. They are low maintenance and absorbent. They dry quickly, making them a popular choice for entrances. Coir mats come in many styles and designs. Coir doormats are biodegradable and can be thrown away over time.

Synthetic Doormats

These synthetic doormats are washable and decorative. They absorb moisture from rain, snow, and wet shoes. They are best used in an entryway, kitchen, laundry, or mudroom. You can choose rubber or non-slip backing. They are affordable, but they will eventually flatten and require replacement.

Natural Fiber Doormats

Popular are cotton and other natural fiber doormats such as seagrass. Natural fiber doormats are highly valued for their texture and colors. They are susceptible to mildew and mold so they make great indoor mats.

Seasonal Doormats

Seasonal doormats not only keep dirt and water out of your home but also make a great first impression on family and friends. Your holiday decor can be brightened up with a new doormat. A seasonal doormat is not only for a few weeks but can last many years.

Doormat Use & Placement

You may need doormats at multiple entrances to your home. This includes the garage doorway. Your mat should be placed correctly for safety and functionality.

  • You should leave enough space for the door to open and close over the mat.
  • Doormats should not be wider than the doorway.
  • Some mats are more durable than others so make sure to replace them regularly.
  • Mats made of darker colors will last longer than mats made from lighter colors. Doormats that are placed in direct sunlight will fade faster than those that are in shade.
  • Quality doormats will remain flat. Any doormat that curls or rolls around the edges should be replaced quickly.
  • It will reduce the amount of mud that is tracked into your home by placing a couple of boot scrapers on either side of your front doormat.
  • Keep dirt and mud from getting into your home. You can place a cubby or shoe basket where guests can store their shoes temporarily.
  • To store dirty or wet shoes, place a boot tray in your entryway.


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