Pattern blinds are most often used in kitchens or children’s bedrooms to add interest or a pop of color. But patterned blinds are so versatile than these ā€“ they can bring a design scheme to any of your rooms. From a vibrant animal print that will become the focal points of your space to subtle floral prints, patterned blinds can complement any design and style or personality.

We have put together some patterned window blindsthat will help add a welcoming atmosphere to your interior.

Pattern of polka dot blinds

Choosing a blind with a polka dot pattern can brighten up and energize even the dullest of rooms. Perfect for a kitchen or nursery, polka dots offer a pop of color without being overwhelming. They can create a warm atmosphere in winter and summer. With a crisp cream base, you can choose from vibrant drops of primrose yellow and flamingo pink to be the main attraction of the room, or choose soft pastel shades to create a happy and soothing atmosphere.

Blinds with a striped pattern

Stripes are versatile and diverse patterns that can bring energy to a space or create a peaceful retreat. Choose bright, modern patterned blinds for your home office that will motivate and inspire. Or choose a subtle combination of two or three different tones that together create a pleasant and lively atmosphere, ideal for the living room or kitchen as the center of the home. Animal blinds pattern

Animal prints are a fun and cheerful way to brighten up your space and create a bright and lively environment. Available in a wide range of characters, animal print blinds are suitable for any room in the house. Use a bird pattern in your kitchen or dining room to add a modern touch to a country space, or add adventure to a child’s room with a selection of funky zoo animals. For a more grown-up look, choose a wildlife pattern with a tropical motif to add an exotic touch to your kitchen or living room.

Patterned roller blinds

Patterned blinds are a great way to add an element of fun to your little one’s bedroom. Children’s patterned blinds not only look joyful but will keep your children’s sleep undisturbed (you can upgrade to a blackout liner for free) and keep their rooms private and safe.

Made from durable polyester fabric, our long-lasting blinds are easy to clean. Use a damp cloth or baby wipes to clean them thoroughly and remove any marks, stains, or greasy fingerprints

The pattern of Botanical Blinds

Flowers and leaves are one of the most popular designs when it comes to blinds, and we can’t help but wonder. Botanical rollers are a quick way to bring the outside in and create a calming, natural space.

Botanical blinds come in over 270 styles and colors, including designs from the UK’s most renowned designers. From subtle, minimalist compositions to bold and surreal wonderland gardens, the final impression is entirely up to you.

Advantages of pattern blinds

Our collection of custom blinds includes hundreds of designs to suit any style. They are visually appealing and give your windows a final look. They are made of durable material, are practical, and are easy to clean. Blinds with a finished pattern give you the benefits of luxuriously soft fabrics with the option of thermal, blackout, and light filter linings to suit your needs.


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