Linoleum Flooring Is a Firm Favorite for Homeowners, Industrial and Commercial Use

Linoleum flooring is one of the eco-friendly materials that does have a certain appeal due to its affordability and super low maintenance. Earlier it was not considered to be a durable flooring option but over the years, manufacturers have developed better quality to ensure that linoleum can withstand better foot traffic and higher durability.

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We will consider some basic facts about linoleum tiles and sheets as flooring options to consider the best for your home.


Linoleum is available in different kinds of styles and colors like marbled effects, on-trend terrazzo, textured surfaces, and geometric patterns.

You will get linoleum in rolls or sheets, tiles, and plank forms which makes it an interesting option against similar engineered flooring materials like vinyl and laminate. Another version is the linoleum click-lock option that has a high-density fiberboard backed with an additional cork underlayment.

Environment safe

Linoleum has become a renewed interest among homeowners because of its eco-friendly building material which is 97% natural raw materials, most of which are recyclable and renewable. Homeowners and designers who are concerned about reducing harmful impacts on the environment opt for linoleum for this reason.

Linoleum sheets and tiles are both anti-microbial and anti-static,which makes them resilient to mold and mildew. It is an ideal choice if you have allergies or asthma.


  • Linoleum flooring is resistant to water but not completely waterproof
  • There can be contraction and expansion issues due to excessive moisture
  • There can be damage to the underlayer if the seams between the linoleum tiles or sheets are not properly welded to keep the joints watertight
  • They do not make an excellent choice for bathrooms.
  • Though you can add an acrylic sealant for improving water resistance that needs to be re-applied every 6 to 12 months.

Finishing top coat

There is no wear layer in linoleum sheets or tiles, but a finishing coat that has been designed for added protection. You just need to maintain it with regular sweeping and mopping.

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Installing a linoleum flooring

Installation of linoleum flooring depends on:

  • The type of linoleum
  • The level of skills you have to do it yourself

One of the major disadvantages of linoleum flooring is that it is not always easy to install, mainly specific tools and techniques are needed where the joints are to be welded together.

Therefore, it is advised to install a linoleum sheet through an expert as welding will be needed to bind the two pieces together.However, if it is linoleum glue down tile or click-lock planks then experienced DIYers should not have much of a problem installing it.

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