Flowers that last longer than ever with these expert tips

Do you need a DIY Valentine’s Day rose tutorial? Do you want your anniversary flowers or valentine’s day flowers to remain fresh for many extra days after they’ve been delivered? If you want to make beautiful flowers stay longer without spending a lot of money, consider one of these tricks that include common home items.

  • Soda

Don’t let the rest of the Coke go to waste! Add roughly a quarter cup to the water of a vase containing fresh flowers. The soda’s sugar will preserve the flowers for a longer period. Take note: Clear sodas like Sprite and 7-Up are ideal if you want the water in a transparent vase to maintain its clarity.

  • Hairspray

Spraying your cut flowers with hair spray will keep them looking fresh for longer, much as it will keep your hairdo intact. Hold the bouquet at arm’s length and lightly mist the lower surfaces of the stems and petals.

  • Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

A variety of effective strategies exist for extending the life of cut flowers, which everyone appreciates. Before putting the flowers in the vase, you may make the water last longer by adding 2 teaspoons of vinegar plus 2 tablespoons of sugar. To prolong the life of your flowers, you should give the water a fresh dose of vinegar and sugar every few days.

  • Vodka

Minimizing bacterial development in the water is the key to preserving the beauty of cut flowers for as long as possible. Essentially, it’s meant to feed the bloom as if it hadn’t been cut so that it might recover its strength and beauty. You may make the water in the vase antimicrobial by adding a spoonful of sugar and a few droplets of vodka (or other clear alcohol). Every other day, you should replace the water.

  • Aspirin

It’s been shown time and time again to be the best method for extending the life of cut flowers like roses: Try this: before you put your flowers in the water, crush an aspirin and add it. Remember that the water in the vase has to be replaced every few days.

  • Bleach

By mixing 1/4 teaspoon of bleach into 1 quart (or 1 liter) of pitcher water, you may extend the life of your freshly cut flowers by about a week. The combination of three drops of bleach and one teaspoon of sugar in one quart of water is another common formula. This will prevent the water from becoming hazy and will kill any bacteria that may be present.

  • Coins

Add a silver penny and a sugar cube to the vase water to extend the life of your bouquets and other cut flowers. It’s believed that the metal in pennies acts as an acidifier, stopping the spread of germs.

  • Sugar

To extend the life of cut flowers, create your preservative. To make one quart (liter) of soft drink, mix three teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar. When filling the vase with water, make sure the freshly cut stems are submerged by at least 3 to 4 inches (7 to 10 cm). Plants benefit from sugar, while vinegar prevents the spread of germs. The arrangement will continue to look great for longer than you think!

White On White is where you can do your rose online shopping. We utilize some of these methods, and they’ve been quite helpful. However, we still recommend trimming the stems of your flowers at a 45-degree angle every day and replacing the water in the vase with fresh water every day to ensure your flowers last as long as possible.


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