6 Popular Things You Can Do in Gainesville

The biggest city in North Central Florida and Alachua County, Gainesville is a sanctuary of adventure and fun alongside Florida wildlife inhabitants and trademark swamps.

Apart from being important for its rich biodiversity, Gainesville has legalized medical cannabis products, which have healing powers, like treating acne and handling PTSD. With that being said, today there is so much to do in Gainesville, some of which include:

  1. Go for a Swim

The natural springs, which are situated around Gainesville, normally draw visitors from many miles away. Plus, the waters are very clear to the extent that they have already become popular snorkeling and scuba diving destinations.

If you want to swim in these springs during summer, consider trying Poe Springs Parks and Ginnie Springs. For certified scuba divers, they can rent gear and explore breathtaking caverns below the surface.

  1. Cycle

Hire a bicycle to cycle around park areas and Downtown Gainesville’s urban. Cycling is also a great way to discover what the urban offers without wearing out the leather of your shoe.

After you complete the membership and download the Zagster app, you will ride for one hour for free. Afterward, there will be a small fee or an affordable monthly hire.

  1. Buy Medical Marijuana

Since five years ago, Gainesville residents have been able to gain access to medical cannabis and take part in the Florida State Medical Cannabis Program.

This became possible by using a couple of legislative initiatives, including Senate Law 182, Senate Bill 8A, and Amendment 2.

If you want to legally consume, buy, and store medical marijuana in the city, the law allows you to order products at the Liberty Health Sciences Medical Marijuana Dispensary Gainesville, including:

  • Vaping pens
  • Extracts
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  1. See Wildlife

Basically, the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation accommodates a very interesting collection of rehabilitated local wildlife and rescued exotic animals.

The conservation foundation is more of a haven than a zoo as the facility’s owners are very dedicated to providing the animals, most of whom are traumatized and abandoned.

Apart from caring for these animals, the foundation’s primary goal is to help in conservation through education, and they provide educational tours for groups and schools.

  1. Enjoy a Picnic

If you prefer going for a walk, then Depot Park is a great place for you. In fact, it’s among the recent parts of town and provides a perfect backdrop for a stroll.

This park also features green hills, several little trails, and a pond where you may enjoy and relax. Remember also to stop at the General Store to grab yourself a drink and sandwich.

  1. Visit a Museum

Every time you visit Gainesville, FL, the Museum of Natural History should be one of your stopovers. The museum is a big, sprawling complex, filled with everything from living rainforests to life-sized dinosaur bones. Plus, it always has something for everyone in terms of interest, age, and gender.

For instance, discovery zones may let children get their hands dirty with interactive activities and games, while information stations can help dad and mom with some fun facts regarding what they learn.

In Conclusion!

Gainesville is a beautiful city with many art galleries, museums, and parks. From beaches and hotels to sculptures and markets, there are many fun places to go to and explore the city.

You will certainly love it here, so visit Gainesville with an open mind as you explore the city’s attractions and activities.


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