Kids always love to have a party on their birthday. Finding the best way for the party is a tough part. In this, every event of the party is created with a classic theme. Celebrating the birthday party with a classic theme might look different from other parties, but it will be good for creating golden memories. Some of the classic party ideas were given here. Take a look at: grapevine schatzsuche



  • Get chairs and arrange them in a round with one chair less than the total number of players.
  • Play some music and ask the players to run around the chair.
  • When the music goes off, players have to sit on any one of that chairs and any one player will remains without a chair. Eliminate them and continue the game till the last person.



  • Pin a donkey image on a board.
  • Make the players draw a tail for the donkey correctly blindfolded. The winner is who draws the tail in the correct place.



  • Buy a small gift. Wrap them with many layers of paper.
  • Play some music and ask them to pass on the parcel till the music goes off. When music is off the player who is having parcel, in hand has to unwrap it.
  • Game continues till the last layer of paper.



  • This game has to play with a pair. Each pair has to toss the egg between them.
  • They have got a step backward and continue the game, once after each catch.
  • The pair who is catching the egg at a maximum distance is the winner.



  • Place the boiled egg on the spoon, balance the spoon on your mouth and start the race without supporting the egg with your hands.
  • Person who is reaching the end line without leaving the egg is the winner.



  • Kids have to finish the race by standing inside a sack. They have to jump to move forward.



  • Arrange a scavenger hunt game for kids either in an indoor or outdoor location.



  • Play with your pair. The first person has to reach the end line by walking with their hands.
  • Their legs have to be held by their pair to guide them as a driver.



  • Kids have to sit in a circle. A goose person has to run around them and by tapping on them by saying duck.
  • When a running person selects anyone to chase them, they will tap them and tell ‘Goose’.



  • In this game, there are four players per team. They have to complete the determined distance by passing a balloon from one player to another.



  • Kids have to hit the hanging piñata with a sick on their hands.
  • This has to play with blindfolded.



  • This is a very fun game. Two adults hold a stick at a height.
  • The kids have to cross the stick by without touching them. The height of the stick is lowered for each round.
  • Kids have to lean down and bend down to cross the stick. If anyone touches the stick, they are out of the game. This will continue till the last person.

Make your kid’s birthday party more enjoyable by presenting a gift for all the game-winners.






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